Stretch Your Dollar

Stretch Your Dollar: Tips for paying off credit card debt

(WTNH) - Americans are spent more money this past holiday season than they have in years and guess what, now those credit card bills are coming due.

Americans were racking up an average of $1,230 of debt this season. That's 5 percent more than last year.

And with credit card interest rates at a record high, here are some ways experts say you can start paying off that plastic.

First know what you owe and stop using cards with an outstanding balance until they're entirely paid off.

"You want to pay more than the minimum, so you can start bringing that balance down," said an expert. 

If your credit is good, experts say to consider transferring the balance to a card that offers an introductory 0% interest period and limited, or no balance transfer fees.

And don't forget, you can negotiate with your credit card company.

"Say something like, I've been a loyal customer in good standing for 5 years, can you offer me a lower interest rate?" said the expert. 

Experts say people with debt across multiple credit cards should pay down the card with the highest interest rate first.

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