(WTNH) – Many kids head back to school this week, while others soak up the end of vacation. If you’re still deal-hunting for back-to-school supplies, we are Stretching Your Dollar with tips.

While the kids soak up the last few days of summer break, you’re scrambling to make sure they have what they need in the classroom.

It’s an expensive time of year and the first tip to keep these costs down? Drop the kids for a playdate while you shop.

Kids tend to just throw extra stuff in the cast. Stick to the list and buy sometimes store-brand generic to save money. Many times fancy designs and characters usually make the price go up.

Next, look for bundle deals. Buying the backpack separate from the water bottle may add some extra cost.

Also, check all your apps and flyers before you leave the house. Most supply stores will price match a deal you find and some may make it better.

Remember that generic supplies also make it easier to use the following year. Also, check stores with frequent coupons for supplies, like Joann’s or Michaels