(WTNH) – Historically high interest rates may be keeping some families from buying a home, but experts say it could be an opportunity when it comes to saving. We are Stretching Your Dollar with how to accelerate your financial growth

High interest rates have been a nightmare when it comes to buying a home and credit card debt, but it’s not all bad news. As the feds signal an end to spiking interest rates, experts recommend taking advantage of a financial opportunity.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a report on how the high rates can be an attractive savings opportunity.

High-yield savings accounts in particular are growing faster with the high rates of around five percent, so now is the time to put away.

Experts say your priority should be focused on paying down high interest rate debt since the average consumer is paying 22 percent in interest right now.

But if you don’t have a lot of extra cash right now to put money away, you’re still encouraged to put even a little bit away month after month. You’d be surprised to see how high rates help your money grow.

We’ve always heard to keep an emergency fund for three to six months in savings. That may sound intimidating for families living paycheck to paycheck right now, which is why that savings opportunity is so critical to take advantage of. Even just $25 a month in a high-yield account will grow fast.