(WTNH) – It’s National Savings Day- A great opportunity to refocus your financial plan. We are Stretching Your Dollar with how you can get started.

On this National Savings Day, experts recommend you take a moment to reevaluate your financial picture. So how do you get started?

First, review your credit report! That’s something you will always need whenever you’re in need of a loan in an emergency or a big purchase. So take today to check your to ensure there aren’t any mistakes and set a goal to improve it.

Next, make a deal with yourself to do a financial check-in on the first of every month. See how you’re doing with your budget and if you need to make a change to stay on track for the year.

And if you’re not already, switch to shopping with a cash-back or rewards credit card. It gives you a perk on items you’d be buying anyway.

Maybe now is a good time to give your retirement savings a boost by another percentage point.