(WTNH) — Gas, groceries, and gifts all cost more this year thanks to the pandemic and backlog of goods and ships. It has consumers wondering how long this will last and whether it’s time to react.

“Let’s say you’re traveling a lot, and you’re using a lot of fuel, gas, whatever the case may be. Maybe you have to make adjustments elsewhere,” said John Caserta, Charted Financial consultant.

Caserta says it may be time to take a look at your monthly expenses, cable and utility bills, or maybe your monthly subscriptions you don’t use as often as you once did.

A lot of times with these subscription services, you can call and negotiate a better price. There may be new plans out there. I know people who call and threaten to cancel their subscription and then all of a sudden they get that promo deal,” said Caserta.

Caserta says it’s about deciding what’s a “need” and what’s a “want” right now to cut costs.

You may not need to move your investments, but perhaps renegotiate terms on credit cards. Maybe land a better interest rate, small moves that could make a big difference as the cost of everything else goes up.

And it does look like these new higher prices will be with us into the New Year. So while this is a busy time of year, you’re likely to thank yourself if you take a little time to trim some costs.