(WTNH) – September marks a milestone for millions of people with student loans as the pandemic-era pause on loan payments is coming to an end. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with tips to save on those monthly payments.

September is a big month for student loan borrowers with interest on their balances accruing again after a three-year pandemic pause. This also comes ahead of a full restart of loan payments next month.

There’s already a mix of anxiety and obligation.

“If you’re getting an education, you’re going to have a job. So with a job comes expenses. You need to pay back what you owe,” said Sherry Moston who has already paid off her student debt.

“I think that student debt is really holding back these young people from making other decisions that really could contribute to our economy and we all are responsible for that,” said Denise Forte, a member of The Education Trust.

Many borrowers have their hops of relief dashed after the Supreme Court struck down President Biden’s student loan debt cancellation plan this summer.

While the president works on a plan B, experts advise that borrowers make a plan to pay back their debts.

Business Insider provided to following tips:

  • Look for “free” money in the form of a Federal forgiveness program or private repayment programs related to your job or profession
  • Try lowering your interest rate by applying for student loan refinancing
  • Pay a little extra each month to chip away at the principal balance