(WTNH) – With Halloween behind us, the focus now shifts to the holidays and tech gifts are always a popular choice. With new tech released already on the market, we are Stretching Your Dollar with what to look for and how to buy refurbished electronics as gifts.

The race is on the find that perfect holiday gift, and as usual tech tops the list. With early deals looking to rival Black Friday, experts say it’s important to know what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend.

“What we recommend is to keep tabs on some of those products that you’re you’re Jones in for. And if you really want them and you’ve got a certain price in mind that would make you jump for them. And then if you do see that price from one or more retailers, then you can go for it,” said Nick Wolny from CNET.

Though it may be tempting to treat your loved ones to the newest phones, laptops and gadgets, Wolny said you should also be looking at nearly new devices.

“It’s also a great time of year to look at those nearly new devices. For most manufacturers, they have released the latest version of their devices, the latest version of their products by October. And so what that also means is that that next newest device usually goes down a little bit in price,” said Wolney.

Refurbished items and pre-owned items that are often restored to like new condition are also options to save cash, but Wolny said the keep one thing in mind.

“If you are going to gift a refurbished electronic device to someone, you want to look for a product that is specifically certified refurbished,” said Wolny.

And while you’re on the hunt for the best tech, don’t be afraid to utilize it in your research. Browser extensions for online shopping could help you detect the best tech savings.

The way that works is if the product you’re shopping for is $5 to $10 less on another retailer’s website, you will get a notification letting you know. Kind of like a digital coupon.