(WTNH) – As we watch a winter storm move closer to our area this week, it’s time to make sure your car is ready to travel in it. We are stretching your dollar with winter storm preps.

As temperatures drop in Connecticut and we prepare for the first significant snowfall of the season, it’s time to give your car a little extra attention.

First, do you have that ice scraper handy? Make sure it’s in your car and while you’re at it, AAA suggests you keep a blanket and snacks in there too in case you get stuck on the road.

Next, time to have someone open the hood and check your fluids and be sure to give your tires a check.

Experts recommend checking the tire pressure every two weeks and the tire tread. Experts also recommend checking the battery, the lights, and the wiper blades, which are all important amid a snowy winter and can be the difference between whether you make it home safely or not.

Drivers should also check the spare tire to make sure the air pressure is in good condition as well in case that’s your ticket home safe.