(WTNH) – Did you get paid last week? If so, you may be planning how you’re going to feed the family over the next week or two until you get paid again.

News 8 has tips on how to get you to that next payday with meal prepping.

It’s a scenario that impacts more and more families in this economy, living paycheck to paycheck. In fact, according to debt.org, 38 million households living paycheck to paycheck are considered to be in the middle class.

There are ways to stretch your dollar in between paychecks. The first is to cut down on dining out. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average U.S. household spends $220 a month eating out, which is more than enough to cover a week’s worst of groceries at home.

Next, remember to make a list when you shop. It’s easier to throw extras in the cart when you’re shopping without one. Be sure to buy generic whenever possible. On average, it’s 25 cents cheaper than name brands which will add up when you’re getting a big grocery haul.

If you haven’t done inventory on your own freezer in a while, many times you have good food that can be your next meal sitting right there. Of course, debt.org reminds you to visit a food pantry if needed. You can find the nonperishable staples to help you to your next paycheck.

If you’re not someone who carries cash, consider starting. It’s easier to not think of it as real money when you’re swiping a credit card. You’re more likely to spend smartly when you’re handing over cold, hard cash.