(WTNH) — You’re told to keep a few months worth of savings on-hand in the event of an emergency, but you don’t want to have too much in there. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with where your money may work better for you.

You’re filled with all kinds of financial advice: keep credit low, pay yourself first, and make sure you have a “rainy day fund.” But there’s not a lot about what to do when you meet those goals.

LifeHacker has these tips to make your money work for you. The goal in liquid assets is $5,000. Once you have that, your money may be better served elsewhere.

Some ideas:

Move extra funds into a high-yield savings account. You earn more on interest than your run-of-the-mill savings account.

Choose a short-term certificate of deposit. Earn more when you agree to let your money sit there for a certain amount of time.

Pad your retirement accounts or open a brokerage account. That’s an investment account where you can make some real money through stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Remember all investing involves risk. If you’re not sure what to do, run it by a financial consultant before making moves.

Of course, these are only if you are cleared of debt and have a healthy savings account. With the high interest rates right now, paying-off debt each month should be a top priority.