(WTNH) — If you plan to travel this holiday season, a heads up to travelers everywhere: it could be the most expensive travel season in five years.

That’s right, you could pay more for holiday flights than you have in the past five years.

“Domestic airfare for Thanksgiving is averaging about $350 roundtrip. That’s up 22% from 2019 prices,” said Lindsay Schwimer, a consumer travel expert at Hopper.

And if you’re looking at Christmas, get ready to pay up, the average domestic round trip is now at $460. This is a 31% jump compared to 2019.

These prices may have some people planning to stay home for the holidays this year.

Take a look at this comparison on one airline. For an economy roundtrip ticket from New York to L.A. on a weekend in October, it is $476. But just a month later for a similar weekend in November, the prices rise to nearly $1,300. In December, it costs nearly $900.

“Prices will fluctuate in the coming weeks, especially as we head towards mid-October, but we recommend booking no later than mid-October for the best deals,” said Schwimer.

Hope is not lost, however. There are deals out there to lower costs, you just have to look for them. JetBlue, for example, is sending out an email offering flights through November for $39 one way.

Some of the best destinations under $300 roundtrip for Thanksgiving include Nashville ($257), Denver ($262), Las Vegas ($272), and Orlando ($272).

Limited flights and high prices mean you may want to book a trip as soon as possible to ensure you have a seat.