NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, but what will it cost you? With inflation and high consumer prices, Americans are expected to spend about $2 billion more this year on Valentine’s Day than last year. 

The National Retail Federation says consumers are expected to pay an average of $193 this Valentine’s Day, up from $175 last year.

According to the finance site The Balance, some of those gifts cost more, which found silver up 4.6% from last year and chocolate up 11.6%.  

Relationship expert Bela Gandhi says inflation is on many people’s minds this Valentine’s Day.

“Infla-dating means dating while keeping inflation in mind and keeping your dollars close to the chest, being conscious of how you’re dating,” Gandhi said.

Gandhi said while dating during inflation can bring anxiety, the key isn’t to date less but to be more creative on how to spend less.  

“You don’t have to go big or go home for Valentine’s Day and spend hundreds of dollars,” Gandhi said. “Be thoughtful. You are with this person, and you know them. You know what makes them tick.”

Gandhi’s top tips for both first dates and long-term couples:  have a cooking night or a romantic date at home, hold virtual dates, take a hike or have a picnic, go out the weekend after Valentine’s Day when chocolates and flowers are cheaper, create thoughtful gifts such as photo books and handwritten cards rather than buying expensive products.

Remember, a loving relationship is about honesty. Talking to your partner about any financial concerns is key, and, of course, talking doesn’t cost anything and can be the key ingredient in a successful relationship.