(WTNH) — There’s the shopping, shopping, and celebrations this time of year. But security experts say scammers have also been busy finding new ways to steal your money.

“The most important thing people can be today is vigilant,” said Michael Bruemmer from Experian’s Data Breach Resolution Group

Bruemmer says the pandemic has made us vulnerable to cybercriminals, and there are certain people most at risk right now.

People working from home, anyone receiving government funding, and especially this time of year, people donating to charity.

“Now recently we saw the storms in Kentucky that devastated so many homeworkers. And almost immediately there were Red Cross sites put up that were fake sites asking for people to donate,” said Bruemmer. “And the hackers were already taking advantage of people wanting to donate money.”

Bruemmer says there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

Check your own cyber security software to ensure it’s up to date, especially if you’re working from home.

Be sure to only use credit, not debit, and screen those who contact you.

“Don’t click on any links, don’t answer and phone calls from anyone you don’t expect to call them or don’t know their number. Especially during this time of holiday shopping and E-COMMERCE,” Bruemmer said.

These are some safeguards to take with you into the New Year as the pandemic continues.

These are not only to protect your personal property but also your business if you have employees working remotely.