Conn. (WTNH) — The price at the pump is ticking back up after a brief break, and it’ll only go higher as the gas tax returns. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with what you can do to save money.

After going sky-high this summer, has prices have finally leveled out for Connecticut drivers. That’s the good news. The bad news is the stability means the gas tax is returning. Over the next four months, it will gradually restore the 25 cents per gallon retail tax.

Go Banking Rates offers these tips:

First, get in the habit of paying for gas with cash. Many stations offer a lower price if you’re paying with paper money. Look for those opportunities and make sure you’re taking advantage.

If you don’t like carrying cash, look for a credit card – preferably one you already have – that offers rewards or cash back when you use it for gas. You’ll be filling up anyway – better to get something back for it.

Committing to a chain is another way to save. You can choose a card associated with a national chain that has gas stations everywhere. For example, Shell loyalists get 30 cents off per gallon on their first five fill-ups.

And of course, use those apps to help you find the cheapest gas wherever you are. Gas buddy is a popular one, along with AAA, Waze, and MapQuest.

Be sure to take anything out of your car you don’t need, as the added weight uses more gas. Also, don’t drive too aggressively. The rapid starting and stopping are bad for gas mileage — and your safety.