Stretch Your Dollar: Ways to save on energy bills, help the planet

Stretch Your Dollar

(WTNH) — The temperature is dropping and if you haven’t already, that heat will kick in soon. We are stretching your dollar with easy upgrades in your home to help save the planet and save you money on energy bills!

In every home there are saving opportunities; opportunities to swap out energy hogs to save electricity, save money, and save the planet.

And while no one needs to run out and replace all their appliances, being ready to make a smart swap when the next one breaks is a step toward a greener future, one that starts with a little blue energy star logo.

“Whether it’s your dishwasher or your refrigerator, your computer or your television, look for the Energy Star to get those savings that you’re looking for,” said Brittney Gordon, media manager at Energy Star.

Also, look for these yellow energy guide labels. The FTC lists the cost of running an appliance and that annual cost should be a major consideration when you buy.

Not all swaps have to break the bank. You can find energy-star-certified led light bulbs like these for less than $1 each.

“They use 90% less energy and will save you about $50 per bulb over its lifetime,” Gordon said.

And maybe the most important swap to prepare for is your hot water heater. These cost about $600 a year to operate.

And according to Lowes, the average lifespan of these tanks is just 10 years. So when your old tank needs replacing, consider a heat pump which is the Holy Grail of savings. You can save over $400.

“Heat pump is the best-kept secret just because it’s the number one, most efficient way to hear water,” said David Chisholm, vice president of marketing and customer experience of A.O. Smith.

Remember the small stuff too! Have someone look for drafts and leaks around your home so you can buy inexpensive covers or caulk to patch it up. It will save a lot of money over time.

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