(WTNH) – Many Americans are looking for a return to a normal vacation season, but are running into trouble. From soaring demand, fueling skyrocketing airfares, to high gas prices, to inflation, we are stretching your dollar with ways to save.

As the masks come off at least for now and the CDC drops every country from its COVID-19 do not travel list, excitement is building for the so-called summer of revenge travel.

United’s CEO says the demand is the strongest it’s been in his 30 years in the industry.

“We’ve really seen this tremendous surge of demand start right after the Delta and omicron waves of COVID ended in the U.S.,” said Hayley Berg, an economist at Hopper.

But that also means higher prices. Average domestic airfare is now spiking up to $360. It was $100 less this time last year.

“This summer, Americans can expect to pay more for airfare than they have paid in the last ten years,” Berg said.

But there are deals to be found. Willis Orlando of Scott’s Cheap Flights is watching the deals. The trick he says is to look for those busy routes like New York to Chicago or Chicago to L.A., where there’s lots of airline competition.

“If prices don’t look very good right now, you can generally hold off and wait, monitor it very closely and snag good fare when it comes up,” Orlando said.