(WTNH) — While inflation rates for food are slowing, prices are still nearly 8% higher than just one year ago. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with ways you can save on your grocery bill while helping save the planet.

The view from behind the shopping cart has been a real-life study in inflation: from bread to veggies and dairy to meat.

Flash Food is an app that pairs grocery stores looking to sell food that’s nearing its expiration date with savvy shoppers who are on the hunt for a discount. Discounts can be as much as 50% off — you pay in the app and then pick up your food already bagged-up at stores like Stop & Shop.

“Food waste apps are brilliant,” Nina Tooley, head of marketing and commerce at The Cool Down said. “It’s a win win. The grocery store gets to sell the food that otherwise threw away and the consumer benefits from lower prices.”

For Pennsylvania resident Danielle Freeman, anything to combat the higher price of food helps.

“Flashfood app has led to a lot of savings from grocery shopping I bought creamer, I bought coffee, I bought chicken vegetables,” Freeman said. “I’ve seen pastries, I’ve seen desserts, I’ve seen, honestly, a wide variety of things.”

And there are other apps and services like Flash Foods; Too Good To Go and Food For All pairs restaurants with deal-hunters.

Don’t forget about fruit and veggie boxes like Misfits Market or Imperfect Foods that sell healthy, edible produce that might just look a little funky.

Experts say the average American wastes $1,500 on food they throw away, so it’s about starting somewhere.