(WTNH) — As you’re getting ready for summer travel, you may be wondering what the pilot strike means for your plans. We’re Stretching Your Dollar with why experts say road trips may become more popular this year.

With pilots at Southwest and United putting pressure on the airlines over their contracts, it’s possible your Memorial Day plans are at risk. While experts say full strikes are highly unlikely, what is likely is that you’re going to pay big bucks for international travel.

Prices are the highest they’ve been in more than five years; Europe is averaging nearly $1,200 per ticket, while Asia is averaging over $1,800.

“If you want to go to Europe and bounce around fly into the cheapest airport, and there are some really amazing fair sales we’ve seen to Europe this summer there are low-cost carriers like Norse airlines,” a spokesperson with the travel website The Points Guy said. “That’s that is selling flights for $300 to Europe.”

Things change, however, when you look at domestic trips. Prices are down some 19% this year than last year, because jet fuel prices are dropping. Hopper said the average price is $306 per ticket.

“I’d recommend people search from your home airport,” The Points Guy said. “Google Flights has a feature called the Explore Map. it’ll show you air fares around the country around the world, so I recommend people plan your vacation around where you can find the best deal.”

It’s perhaps no wonder why 97% of travelers are choosing road trips, with gas prices slightly down at $3.53 per gallon. The hottest road trip destination is Denver, jumping from No. 10 on the AAA list.

When it comes to hotels, Hotels.com said these are the most affordable last-minute getaway deals: Little Rock, Greenville, Chattanooga, Vegas, Birmingham, and the Twin Cities. All cities averaged rooms at $150 per night or less.

The roads are looking to be the most economical way to travel with gas prices cooling off a little bit — just expect it to be busier than it has been!