(WTNH) — The tax deadline has come and gone. Now you just hope they were done correctly. But, what do you do if you get audited?

2020 made for a complicated year for taxes, and there are a number of reasons someone may get audited, including but not limited to:

  • Claiming a home office deduction for all that work from home you were doing
  • Claiming business meals or travel
  • Donating a lot of money to charity
  • Claiming rental losses

According to consumer expert Clark Howard, those are all areas that are ripe for financial abuse and may cause them to ask you for more information.

It’s why experts suggest, for at least the next three years, you keep all of your documents, receipts, and other records for your taxes this year. This includes the name and contact information of anyone who helped you file.

Remember: An audit will always begin through the mail, never over the phone, in-person, or by e-mail. Anything like that is likely a scam.

Once you get audited, you should get back in touch with anyone who helped you file to get help dealing with the audit too.

It could have been a simple mistake with the numbers; the easier you can pull up records to fix the error, the easier the process will be.