(WTNH) — We all know how important it is to create a will so our assets are handled properly when we pass on. As our social media profiles grow, we are stretching your dollar with what you need to know about digital assets.

When was the last time you printed out a picture you took while capturing the moment? As more and more people log on and post their most precious moments on social media, the more valuable those pages become. Especially to our loved ones when we reach our end of life.

Financial consultant John Caserta says it’s become a conversation you need to think about having: “It’s important to discuss this with your attorney and even appoint what they call a digital fiduciary. Someone who is going to have access to these accounts in the event that you pass away or are incapacitated.”

He says sharing passwords is not the answer, nor is it effective since we are encouraged to frequently change our passwords.

Caserta says it’s better to have a person selected and have it in writing on a legal document to make the transition easier on loved ones.


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