(WTNH)- Halloween is here and if you’re still in need of the staples, the price doesn’t have to be scary. We are Stretching Your Dollar with last-minute deals.

Less than a week to the spookiest holiday of the year. Kids will soon be in costumes and trick-or-treating for the sweet stuff this Halloween weekend.

If you still have some shopping to do, here are some easy savings tips.

Starting with the last-minute candy many of you will be buying, experts suggest checking the regular candy aisle and pricing out what sales are there. Many times full-sized bars in bulk will be cheaper than the cost of a large bag of treats.

If you’re not picky about which costume you end up with, you can wait until this weekend to hit up a few costume stores. Many retailers know they’ll just end up with costumes in layaway if they don’t sell, so many times they’ll lower the price right before or on Halloween.

Your only gamble is you may not get the costume you wanted.

If you have a bin for storage, save money by planning for next year! Take advantage of the after-holiday sealed-on things like decor that you can use next year.

Lastly, if you’re hosting, it’s the one party where food really isn’t the focus. Experts suggest inexpensive snacks or appetizers to fuel your guests before heading out for the festivities.