Stretch Your Dollar: Why September is a critical month when it comes to saving for the holidays

Stretch Your Dollar

From seasonal hiring to early holiday shopping, there is a lot of planning underway for the end of the year. There’s something else experts say you should be planning out. We are stretching your dollar with why September is the month of savings before the holidays.

Think about it – There are about 12 weeks standing between us and Christmas right now. The Penny Hoarder is out with a guide for budgeting for that very expensive holiday. You want to think now about who you’ll be shopping for and how much you want to spend…

If you’re going to be spending $300, yiu’ll need to save $25 a week from here on out. For a $600 spending limit, you’re looking at about $50 a week. And if you’ll be spending closer to $900 dollars, you’ll have to start putting away $75 a week.

And if you need help freeing up the extra cash, here are two suggestions: Try the no-spend challenge where you give up spending unnecessarily for a period of time or the pantry challenge where you make dinners using only what you have.

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