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Stretch Your Dollar: Why working from home may continue past the pandemic

Stretch Your Dollar

The state is slowly reopening and as people get back to work, not everyone may return to the office. We are stretching your dollar with why experts say working from home may continue.

Experts told the pandemic has become the “largest social experiment ever” as the entire country attempted to move its workforce online. And it turned into an efficient alternative.

Research found it benefits the business. In general, employees show a 13% improvement in performance compared to those who work in an office, remote employees work 1.4 days more each month than in-office workers and it keeps costs low when you eliminate the business expenses associated with the upkeep of an office building and office supplies.

Now here are the downsides – the two big ones include maintaining employee responsiveness and data security.

The upside for employees – a more flexible workday and when it comes to hiring, companies can reach a broader talent pool. It prioritizes skill over the geographical location. It helps eliminate hiring bias and levels the playing field for women, people of color and other minorities. It also opens up a new opportunity for people with disabilities or those caring for family members.

So what can you do if you’re working from home or want to secure a job doing so? Take steps to be proactive. Boost your own wifi security at home to protect the company, update your passwords and look for creative ways to improve your work performance. Learn to use remote platforms for things like document sharing, online collaboration and virtual meetings.

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