Stretch Your Dollar: Why you should consider how to make your company work better in the new norm

Stretch Your Dollar

As businesses try to resume work following the pandemic, many have found there’s a new normal. We are stretching your dollar with why experts say it’s more important than ever to begin adjusting your business operations to be more flexible in the changing times.

More and more people are emerging from quarantine, but it’s no secret things are different than they were pre-pandemic with restaurants and businesses trying to make ends meet while working with fewer customers.

It’s why business development expert Scott Steinberg says nows the time for you to consider how to make your company work better in the new norm.

“Even if COVID-19 recedes for a little bit, it may come back so we may end up reopening only to close and have to reopen again, so you’ve got to expect the unexpected,” Scott Steinberg, Leading Business Strategist.

So, what does that mean? He says it’s time to be flexible. Maybe build delivery or curbside pickup into the permanent model. Reach your audience on social media and make things easy, interesting, and accessible online.

“You want to think like a startup. It doesn’t matter how big your business is or what industry you’re in, you’ve got to build things fast, cheaply and then test it out, roll it out and see what sticks and update your strategy as you go.”

Steinberg says everyone’s been doing this on the fly during the pandemic. Now that the dust is settling, your time should be spent developing the permanent strategy now.

Set yourself up to be able to change your gameplan quickly if we do see another spike in the future.

It may not be second nature for restaurants or business owners to know about web development. You can visit sites like Fiverr and Upwork to link up with freelancers who can help.

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