(WTNH) – It’s no secret that college is expensive, which is why some experts suggest students consider “insuring” their dorm rooms.

There’s tuition, books, classroom supplies, and more to worry about when you’re a student in college. As students settle into their college dorm rooms this year, Consumer Reports has a look at why some experts say you should insure your dorm.

What does insuring a dorm room mean, though?

Dorm insurance covers all items your child takes with them to school. That way, if something does happen, they may be able to replace what was lost or damaged. Homeowners insurance will cover some of this for students, however, Consumer Reports finds it may be a cheaper option to get dorm or renters insurance.

Another consideration may be tuition insurance. That would cover you if something happens to the student mid-way through the semester, like an illness. The tuition insurance could refund you the portion of the semester the student didn’t receive.

Also, be sure to compare that to a school’s refund policy.

If you need somewhere to take from as you add on these new insurance policies, think about potentially scaling back your auto insurance if your student doesn’t have a car on campus.

And finally, be sure to take advantage of tax breaks offered to parents of dependent students.