(WTNH) — It’s a busy week, making gift returns and spending time with family. But there’s one more important financial responsibility you don’t want to forget.

It’s down to the wire, in under a week we’ll be ringing in 2023. But financial experts have a reminder not to forget your year-end money moves this week that can save you cash come next year’s tax season.

First, now is the time to put as much as you can into your 401K. That directly reduces your taxable income, which ultimately lowers what you owe in taxes for the year.

Don’t forget to spend those healthcare flexible spending accounts, which can cover things like contact lenses, glasses, a chiropractor, first aid supplies, and even sunscreen! Plus some weight loss programs too.

In most cases, what you don’t use by the end of the year, you’ll lose.

Take note of any charitable giving opportunities, even if you don’t itemize, you may still find you can lower your tax burden.

Small moves like these, which you can do before the end o the year, can help you start the new year off right.

And this one may be difficult during the busy shopping season, but if you can, defer your income or any holiday bonuses coming your way. Delaying the payment into the new year will lower what you were paid this year to pay less in taxes.