Conn. (WTNH) — We are right in the middle of gift-giving season, which may be an expensive time for families. We are stretching your dollar with where you can look for deals.

From Mothers Day to Fathers Day, and all the weddings scheduled for this year, we are right at the start of what experts call “Gift Giving Season.”

“At the same time we’re also seeing a slow-down in consumer spending. Its an interesting time,” said shopping expert Trae Bodge. “Before you start shelling out cash on gifts, think creatively about where you may be able to save.”

Bodge said look at coupon sites, first. Look for coupons and cash-back opportunities. Also, look to your memberships. There may be discounts you’re not even aware of. Memberships like AARP, AAA, or even your warehouse clubs, those are a great place to find savings for yourself while you’re shopping.

“If you need to have your eyes checked or your hearing checked, there are discounts believe it or not, that AARP members can receive discounts on things like glasses, hearing aids. just for being a member so be sure to use those memberships to save even on healthcare,” said Bodge.

Bodge suggests you tailor your shopping to where the deals are. Chances are you’ll find something your loved ones will enjoy, and you’ll feel better about the price tag.

Your relatives and friends don’t want you going into debt over their gift. So be really careful and honest with yourself and spend within your means if you can.

If you’re long-distance, of course wait until you can see the person, if you have plans sometime soon. It’s more personal getting to hand it to them, and sit saves on shipping costs.