Taking care of your grass, garden and trees in the summer heat


(WTNH) — Is your grass suffering in the summer heat? You can bring it back to life with a little extra care. Arborist Jeffrey Delaune with The Care of Trees in Hamden shares tips for caring for grass, gardens and trees this season.

Short-Term Symptoms:

· Wilted, drooping, or curling leaves that may turn brown at the tips or edges.

· Sparse canopy of off-color and undersized leaves, leaf scorch, or yellowing.

· Premature fall color and early leaf drop are also common in trees under stress from drought.

· Closer inspection may reveal limited twig growth coupled with small, poorly-formed buds.

· Pests such as canker diseases and certain borers can take advantage of stressed trees.


Water appropriately.

The best time to water is in the morning.

Water slowly once or twice a week by running a sprinkler or drip hose beneath the tree. Avoid irrigating the trunk, as the increased moisture can favor root rot disease.

Concentrate on the area directly beneath the foliage known as the “drip zone.”

Making sure to follow your local irrigation ordinance.

Place a large soup can near your sprinkler and water until two inches of water has collected in the can.


Fertilizer enhances root development and promotes carbohydrate production, which supplies energy necessary for growth.

Add mulch.

Spread two to four inches around your trees to reduce moisture loss

Do NOT volcano mulch. Mulch should be pulled back 6″ from the trunk of the tree.

Prune trees and shrubs.

Pruning improves structure, limb stability, and removes dead and weakened branches.

Removing dead and dying branches helps deter bark beetles and other wood-boring insects and enables tree roots to sustain the rest of the tree more efficiently.

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