From troops to teachers. We are talking about a program that helps veterans take their leadership skills and values into the classroom.

North Branford High School teacher and Teacher Ambassador for “Teach Connecticut,” Lauren Danner, was on Good Morning Connecticut at Nine to tell us how it works in the video above. 

Connecticut Troops to Teachers is a program for all service members and Veterans to receive assistance in transitioning their leadership, core values and acquired skills to a career in teaching.

Connecticut Troops to Teachers provides access to:

* Career counseling for Veterans by Veterans

* Program coordinators and faculty advisors at each of the Connecticut State Universities

* Committed Veteran mentors from moment of enrollment through successful employment

* A support network of aspiring and experienced Veteran educators

* Hiring officials in Connecticut partner districts

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Follow the national Troops to Teachers program on social media  on Twitter: @TTT_DANTES and on Facebook: @TTT.DANTES.