NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford is set to welcome dozens of new businesses in 2023, along with scores of new apartments, but there are still obstacles to the city’s economic recovery. 

David Griggs, the CEO of the Metro Hartford Alliance, talked with Dennis House about the status of downtown development and said it is a mixed bag. There is a shortage of construction workers to get the new restaurants and stores built. Many have signs on the windows saying “coming soon,” but no work is being done inside.

Griggs also said Hartford’s hotel shortage is hurting the convention industry. He warns the city will lose out on events if new hotels downtown are not built. The last full-service hotel built was the Marriott in 2005. There have been complaints from conventioneers and visitors about staying near the airport or several miles from downtown because of the lack of hotels.

Griggs also said remote workers hurt Hartford, and he wants companies to bring them back so they can patronize the businesses and fuel the economy. That includes many state workers whose workplaces were refurbished with millions of taxpayer dollars but now sit partially vacant.

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