The lead for This Week is recreational marijuana. Connecticut is now the 19th state in the nation to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Starting July 1, people 21 and over will be allowed to possess and smoke marijuana or eat and drink cannabis products.

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Grow your own is allowed, capped at six plants per person and 12 per home. Home growing can start in July 2023.

Retail sales are not expected to begin until next year. Cities and towns can block sales.

Governor Ned Lamont signed the bill into law last week, but not everyone is celebrating.

“Not enough time was spent focusing on well what is the public health impact is this a good social and public safety policy,” said Senate Minority Leader Kevin Kelly (R).

State Representative Steve Stafstrom (D-Bridgeport) said, “This is a drug that is left less addictive and less harmful to the body than several others which we regulate including tobacco and alcohol.”

Supporters call the Connecticut marijuana law a model for the country, giving those disproportionately affected by “The War on Drugs” first crack at getting a license to sell. The weed industry is expected to bring in millions of dollars to the state.

So, what can your boss do if you do decide to smoke pot and post about it on social media? Also, there are towns already preparing to block any dispensaries from popping up in their area. And, if you get pot in Massachusetts, can you bring it back to CT? Those answers and more in the video above.