(WTNH) — As of July 1, it will be legal to sell marijuana in Connecticut, but it’s much more complicated than that.

With a stroke of a pen a year ago, Governor Ned Lamont ushered in a new era in Connecticut. Marijuana became legal last summer and this summer it will be legal to sell it.

Next year, people in Connecticut will be able to grow the plants at home.

The state has had medical marijuana for years, but after Massachusetts legalized cannabis, the rush was on to do the same here.

Pot shops in the Bay State reported many of their customers were from Connecticut, even though it is illegal to transport marijuana across state lines.

Last year, News 8 visited a store in Holyoke, where business was brisk for a full line of products. In addition to marijuana to smoke, Canna Provisions also sold cannabis-infused gummies, seltzer and other items.

There are some restrictions there and in Connecticut. You must be 21 years old and because the federal government still outlaws marijuana, it is a cash business. You cannot use credit cards to purchase cannabis and all products must be manufactured in the state where they are sold.

Skyler Frazer, a cannabis reporter for the Hartford Business Journal, and Sarah Westby, an attorney with Shipman & Goodman, provide some insight into the new marijuana era.