(WTNH)– First up on “this week” — the lead is recreational marijuana. If it’s legalized in Connecticut, you would be able to buy pot at a store. So what might that experience be like? We crossed the state line and went to Holyoke, Massachusetts.

The Connecticut State Medical Society is against legalization of marijuana. A number of high ranking clergy around the state are against it too. But some lawmakers and the governor are pushing a bill to legalize it, saying it’s time. News 8’s Chief Political Correspondent Jodi Latina has the latest on what Connecticut’s pot policy may look like in the video above.

Religious leaders have come out against legalizing marijuana along with some doctors, But how many people actually use cannabis? A Gallup poll two years ago showed that 12 percent of Americans admit to using. It is difficult to get users from Connecticut to go on camera because it is illegal here, but we found one, and one from Massachusetts who is proud to be a cannabis user. We speak to them in the video above.

We turn now to the impact of vaping… but just how addictive is it? One Connecticut college student is speaking out to help others to “stop others” from picking up those devices. We have more also in the video above.

We take a moment to pay tribute to the life of a local firefighter. Flags are now flying at half staff across the Connecticut and will remain that way until further notice — in honor of Ricardo Torres Junior, known as Rico. We honor his bravery and those of all firefighters, across our great state who put the lives of others, ahead of their own in the video above.