(WTNH) — It is Mother’s Day and so many moms are out there juggling kids and a career. Being a mom is a tough job, and so is being a police officer. Today we bring you a Connecticut woman who is both.

Trooper Brin Warenda said that there are some other moms at the CSP, but not many.

Now our flashback today: gas prices. Word is they may crack three dollars a gallon this summer. So let’s take you back to 2012 when they topped four dollars and then some. News 8 looked into it and found the cost to fill up varied across the state, as high as 4.19 a gallon in some parts of Connecticut

Finally positive vibes of nutmeg nation. Huge hearts now grace the capitol lawn in Hartford. The eight foot by eight foot hearts were placed there on Thursday to mark National Nurses Day. Jazneia Standard from Hartford decided to start the #CapitolHearts movement after seeing the hearts First Lady Jill Biden placed around the White House around Valentine’s Day. Other state capitols are interested in doing a heart display of their own. They will stay standing there until May 17.

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