(WTNH)– We’re sitting down with the Justices of the Connecticut Supreme Court, all seven of them including the Chief Justice.

We find out which of these justices performed on stage in a rock band at Toad’s Place and which was a hockey player in the video above.

Also, our flashback takes us back 25 years ago this week to one of the biggest state supreme court decisions that is still discussed today. The landmark Sheff versus O’Neill ruling focused on civil rights and education. The justices ruled the state must provide children with equal educational opportunities.

At the heart of the issue, whether students in some urban parts of Connecticut were getting the same quality of education in the wealthier suburbs. They weren’t and that is still being corrected today due to Sheff versus O’Neill.

Our interview begins: This Week in CT: Part One of an interview with all seven Justices of Connecticut Supreme Court