Sports betting went online at the casinos Thursday, and it will go online at other locations across Connecticut as soon as Oct. 7.

Sports betting is expected to bring millions into the state coffers.

It’s a cash business; you can not use credit cards. But, you can take cash from a debit card.

You will be able to gamble at home using an app, or you can go to a place that has betting venues.

Oct. 4 is the cut-off for state workers, teachers, and long-term care workers to get their COVID shot, or else. That “or else” remains to be seen.

The headline has already come and gone for workers at Hartford HealthCare, Yale New Haven Health, and Trinity Health of New England Hospital systems.

State workers who do not want to get the shot can opt-in for weekly COVID testing, or seek religious or medical exemption. State workers not in compliance will be put on paid leave. It’s unclear if anyone can be fired from the state.

The hospital systems said termination is on the table for non-compliance.

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