(WTNH)– We begin with the youngest people in our state and how they are dealing with COVID. Is there a danger for their learning to slide back downhill?

Up front on “This Week,” are your kids regressing during the pandemic in terms of performance in the classroom? News 8’s Lisa Carberg explains the COVID slide in the video above.

How much does the COVID slide affect younger students when it comes to learning to read and write… from a distance? News 8’s Mackenzie Maynard shows us how a local family found the answer, also in the video above.

Additionally, Dr. David Bendor, a psychologist from the Institute of Living in Hartford, tells News 8’s Dennis House what kind of impact emotionally COVID is having on children and the concerns about long-term effects in the video above.

Senator Chris Murphy joined us also to discuss the COVID-19 impact in Connecticut and the impact on children across the state and the country in the video above.

If you are looking for information about COVID-19 in Connecticut, the state has a website dedicated to just that. You can find information on the vaccine, travel, and current rules and regulations during the outbreak, by clicking here.

The state has given more than 600,000 shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. But it is still not approved for children under the age of 16. When will it be? News 8’s Chief Political Correspondent Jodi Latina has more in this report below.

Even with so many businesses struggling in the pandemic, there are some success stories. That includes one family’s small chain of restaurants. Kent Pierce takes us to “The Place To Be” in Hartford in the video above.

This Week’s flashback from the News 8 archives… 40 years ago this month Connecticut lost its trailblazing governor, Ella Grasso. Grasso was the first woman in the United States to be elected in her own right, which means she didn’t replace her husband. Grasso was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1980, and resigned on New Year’s Eve when she became too ill to govern. She died 36 days later on February 5, 1981 at the age of 61.

The Litchfield Hills are a big tourist destination and it is known for cute little towns. But what about the gateway to that part of our state? We are talking about Torrington, a blue collar city that is plotting a comeback and they are hoping someone who grew up in the area can help. Watch the full story about Tim Moore and the Blue Haus Group in the video above.

Next, our interview with Erin Stewart, the mayor of New Britain. She is running for re-election for the last time she says, but this new mom is only 33. So will she run for governor in 2022? She tell us more about what’s next for her in the video above.