News 8 is teaming up with Mental Health Connecticut for Mental Health Awareness Month. The Be 1 of 110 Campaign is asking individuals and group to talk about what moves them to strengthen their minds every day. 

Mental Health Connecticut is celebrating 110 years with a year-long fundraiser called “Be 1 of 110.” 110 individuals and groups across the state are raising $1,000 or more by sharing their answer to the question: what moves you?

Every year for the past 13 years, a group of UConn medical students bicycle across the country for a charity after completing their first year of medical school.

This year’s group of 10 chose to raise $20,000 for Mental Health Connecticut to raise awareness for integrating physical and mental health.

Christine Donat and Ghali Lemtiri-Chlieh are part of that group of students who will fly out to Seattle, Washington, in early June to begin their cross-country bike ride. They will put their bikes in the Pacific Ocean and ride 3,500 miles to the Connecticut shoreline, covering 50 to100 miles a day over the course of 2 months.

We want to know, what do you do to maintain good mental health? Get in on the conversation on our News 8 Facebook and Twitter pages, and be sure to use the hashtags #be1of110 and #whatmovesyou.