(WTNH) — Eighth-grader Olivia Gionet and her two friends from school, Anna Kate O’Donnell and Sarah O’Donnell, are on a mission to help families in need.

“We handed out flyers. Olivia made these flyers and we stood outside a couple of masses and handed them out to parishioners, and then we left the boxes and people just put the items in and we collected donations in jars,” said Sarah.

We are collecting donations of items and money that go towards supplies for new mothers and their babies,” added Olivia.

Everything is going to CareNet, a pregnancy resource center in New London.

“We’ve collected razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, deodorant,” said Sarah.

“And then for babies, the biggest thing was like diapers, wipes, we have a lot of diapers” added Anna Kate.

But they didn’t stop there!

“Then we got $1,500 in donations which we used to buy car seats,” said Sarah.

Strong in their faith, these St. Bernard students are living a life of service.

“We’ve all been to catholic schools our whole lives and they’ve always taught us to live like Christ did and we thought, what better way than to help mothers and babies and the whole entire community by giving back,” said Olivia.

Helping others is just what they do!

“I don’t know, I’ve just always really liked helping others,” said Olivia.

“We feel really happy just to, you know, help out and it’s great it’s for mothers and babies and an amazing cause,” added Anna Kate,