(WTNH) – Just after Memorial Day, News 8 brings you a man who is honoring America’s servicemen and women, and those who make the ultimate sacrifice.

Keeping alive the legacy of America’s greatest and bravest, a young Connecticut man is sharing their stories.

“A veteran is someone that fought for our freedoms, they put their lives on hold,” said Dan Garitta of East Haven.

Garitta travels across Connecticut and New England with his mobile military memorabilia show, presenting at fairs, schools, and retirement homes.

Sometimes, he even displays his show in a room filled with veterans.

“It’s an honor because these men and women did so much for us, and unfortunately not enough people give them recognition,” he said.

Garitta displays their uniforms along with other keepsakes that veterans hold dear.

“The best thing I could hope for is that whenever somebody sees a veteran, they extend a hand and thank them,” said Garitta.