(WTNH) — It’s always nice getting a Warrior’s update, especially when it’s a positive one. On this edition of Wednesday’s Warrior, News 8 is re-introducing you to a Wolcott who is looking a lot better and doing a lot better than when we first met him.

In 2021, when we first met Joseph Goldman from Wolcott (also known as Papa Joe), he was leaving a rehab center after battling COVID for 325 days!

He’s even holding his youngest grandchild for the first time.

“Say hi!” said Papa Joe, holding the grandchild. “He’s the one I never saw when I was in Sheridan Woods.”

“I’m lucky to be alive, I’m very lucky to be alive,” he said. “I just celebrated my 70th birthday last week.”

A birthday party was fit for a king, and it was all a big surprise!

“Thank god for my wife, you know all my kids, all my 11 grandkids, they keep supporting me,” said Papa Joe.

“I’m a fighter, I just have to keep pushing myself” and have fun along the way.

And with the holidays coming up, it’s going to be a very special time for Papa Joe and his family.