(WTNH) — “I served from 88’ to 92’ at Fort Riley, Kansas and was in Operation Desert Storm. I was first infantry division and I was in what’s called a multiple launch rocket system” said Chris Veilleux, a veteran.

Since his time in active duty, Veilleux has dedicated his life to serving those who have served.

“I’d do anything I can for a veteran. I try to do whatever I can for them,” he said.

Inside Newington’s American Legion Post 117, Veilleux serves as commander. It’s a hub for former GI-Joe’s to have a conversation over a cup of joe.

“We get you know, people telling jokes, to people that might need some quiet time,” noted Veilleux.

The atmosphere transforms the coffee house into a haven for veterans.

“So, we are here every Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. We have refreshments, snacks, coffee,” he said.

It offers a warm space, and a safe space.

“Ve’ve had veterans that have been homeless, if somebody wants to pull me up to the side, say hey, I’m not sure, I’m not feeling up, but I just wanna get something off my chest. You know, we’re here for a lot of the mental health aspects to come with, um, with stuff that comes in combat or even not combat,” Veilleux said.