(WTNH) — A welcoming face so many customers count on. At the CVS on Broad Street in Meriden, Andrea Costello of Cheshire takes her job seriously.

“I stock the shelves, help customers and I’m really good with my teammates,” said Costello.

Her manager would agree.

“Andrea is high energy, she likes coming to work, she looks forward to coming to work, and she’s actually a pretty easy learner. She’s always trying to pick up new skills and we’re always challenging her to pick up new skills” said Tj Leduc, Manager at the CVS on Broad Street in Meriden, CT.

Costello was hired through CVS Health Workforce Initiatives, a program that connects individuals with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities.  

“For me, she’s just another employee. She came in, she wanted to work, she interviewed and we hired her,” said her manager.

“It makes me happy that I can help people,” said Costello.

Costello is an example for everyone. Her father, William Costello, is extremely proud and shares a strong message.

“She brings people up who are around her. I think for parents who are raising special needs children, don’t give up and always stay positive” he said.

And remember that kindness matters.

“Well one time one customer came back to say thank you which I get a lot of which makes me feel really good,” said Costello.