(WTNH) — As the family advocate and community outreach coordinator, Veronica Douglas-Givan takes her job above and beyond.

“The lives I’ve changed. I not only help the student but I help the family as well,” she said.

Douglas-Givan is a family advocate and community outreach coordinator at New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center

From the New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center to the streets of New Haven, she has given the community her all.

“I had a student reach out to me on social media on my day off and tell me he and his brother were homeless and hungry and there was no way I could ignore that,” she recalled.

Douglas-Givan cares deeply, from coat drives to food drives, community outreach is what she does best!

“What I love most about my job is helping people change the trajectory of their lives. They walk through my doors broken and I let them know if they follow the blueprint that we put in place, they will be able to succeed in school and in life,” she noted. “They have been through some horrific things,  a lot of them, when they see me and I let them know that your past does not have to be your present.”

It’s about trusting the process, she said.

“What do I love most about my job, is seeing people like Tasha walk across the stage.”

“She was very active in keeping me in school for sure,” said Latasha Reed, a graduate of New Haven Adult and Continuing Education Center.

“So many times I wanted to give up and she encouraged me not to,” she continued. “Homelessness is the last thing I’m looking forward to, I mean I don’t have to worry about and it’s because of Ms. V being here for me and you know just looking out for me.”

At the New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center, Douglas-Givan is helping people both professionally and personally.

“I’m part of their village,” she said.