(WTNH) — This company’s business name says it all.

Veterinary Care Everywhere, we want to bridge a gap that we found between pet ownership of seniors, veterans, and physically disabled people and the inability for them to get their pets proper veterinary care,” said Kendall McCorkindale, the practice manager at Veterinary Care Everywhere.

Criss-crossing Connecticut, this non-profit brings the vet office to those in need, providing free or low-cost, at-home care for dogs and cats.

The entire Veterinary Care Everywhere team sees the need firsthand. “

A lot of seniors, veterans, physically disabled people, they’re on a very strict budget and veterinary care is very expensive,” said McCorkindale.

The group most recently set up shop at the Danbury Senior Center.

“The clinic is very much a wellness clinic itself. We found that there were people who could get their pets to the vet but still had those pet limitations, so we’ve been partnering with senior centers and veteran centers around the state to bring community low-cost clinics that people could bring their pets to,” McCorkindale noted.

There they offer exams, vaccines, and more. For example, a service that is simply for the owners, the team provides conversation.

“These animals really are these people’s lives, often sometimes, they are the only beings that they see on some days. Being able to keep these animals healthy is really just a blessing,” McCorkindale added.

Veterinary Care Everywhere depends heavily on donations and partnerships. They are currently hoping to partner with more Connecticut businesses.

To learn more visit their website or email talk2vce@gmail.com.