A service-oriented heart – “Whenever I see a need,  I try to fulfill that need,” said 13-year-old Peyton Troth from Bristol.

“I’m going into my 8th grade,” she said. Peyton Troth of Bristol understands the importance of giving back. “I love being able to help people no matter what it is. I don’t stop even if there is a challenge and I just love to help people and make them smile on any given day.”

Food insecurity is a real problem in Bristol. So, Peyton took it upon herself to help feed her community. Every week, she makes then donates sandwiches to Brian’s Angels, an organization meant to help the city’s homeless population.

“When people leave, they get two sandwiches and a snack bag.” Pat Stebbins, the founder and director of the nonprofit relies on help from the community.

She say’s its not about hand outs – it’s about hands up.

“Our Mission is to get people to the next step,” says Pat Stebbins, Founder and Director of Brian’s Angels Homeless Outreach.

And it’s volunteers, like Peyton, who help make a difference.

“She gets right in and helps warriors get right in and do things. They don’t wait to see what needs to be done,” says Pat.

“I’m so fortunate for all the things that I have in life so if I’m able to do things like this in my community, I think it’s a big help,” said Peyton.