(WTNH) — Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue saves dogs in great need, speaking for those who have no voice. One former bait dog even received an everlasting gift, thanks to the work of one of the rescue fosters.

“Don’t turn a blind eye,” said Kathy Williamson, Chairwoman of Wings of Freedom. “If you see something say something.”

They take in dogs from everywhere, near or far, like Scooter, who was once used down south as a bait dog for dogfighting.

“Then they took this poor dog and dumped him on the side of a rural road,” Williamson said.

When Scooter was found, his chances were grim, but his hope was not. “He has 150 bite wounds from his front legs up, and as she was taking him into the vet, he was licking her hand.”

Left with no ears from his painful past, Scooter eventually gained strength, a whole lot of love and a big social media following.

“His foster in South Carolina that made him a sensation decided that a dog needs to have ears to express himself, so she started making him hats,” Williamson said. “He became this social media sensation. People would get up in the morning and say ‘where is Scooter’s hat for today.’”

Scooter was given everlasting ears! When he was well enough, Scooter finally made it to Wings of Freedom here in Connecticut where they continued their care in person, truly putting him under their wings. Each dog’s story is different, but each story shares the same lesson.

“Dogs really live in the moment,” Williamson said. “He knows he has a great family.”

The non-profit is 100 percent volunteer-driven. “We have foster homes. We don’t have a kennel so all of our dogs go to homes.”

All told, the Griswold-based organization has rescued “just over 2,350 dogs in seven years.”

For more information, visit the Wings of Freedom Animal Rescue website.