BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Do you remember Mr. Ronald Jones? He is an eighth-grade math teacher at Read School in Bridgeport. He makes learning fun by singing to his students. And let’s be honest, if you can make math fun, you really are a warrior.

“It lets the kids know we’re not just here for the academics but also the social part of it,” said Mr. Jones.

Bridgeport welcomed students back Monday, August 30.

“We’re definitely going back to the classroom. I’m excited to see the kids.”

And in his classroom plans include more songs!

“I’m working on one now.”

The last time he saw his students was at graduation, and guess what happened! — “One of my students challenged me, so I surprised them with a song.”

All fun aside, “I’m just happy to be back in the classroom. I’m looking forward to this year.”