HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A TikTok user from Hamden is inspiring her 40,000 followers and taking social media by storm.

In 2015, at 36 years old, Mrs. Murray was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her TikTok account, @Storm126, she discusses her diagnosis and treatment.

She completed 20 weeks of chemo and had a double mastectomy after her initial diagnosis, thinking that she was reaching a light at the end of the tunnel at that point. Ready to start a family, she and her husband implanted embryos they preserved before chemo, but then the darkness returned.

“I had twins but I lost them at 10 weeks so that basically was the end of that type of journey,” Murray said.

But together, Murray and her family did have life to celebrate: her own, because she beat cancer. Then 2020 came around.

“I just felt like here we go again. I was re-diagnosed with breast cancer again but it was metastatic breast cancer,” Murray said.

Not long after that diagnosis, she decided to take her story to TikTok, a journey she shares with so many people to bring them hope and positivity.

“I believe me being positive and dancing and smiling and encouraging people because I say my TikTok is to encourage and educate,” Murray said. “We can manifest positive things through a positive mindset.”

There is a lot of truth within her videos.

 “I’m very transparent on my page so there are times where I’m feeling dow,” Murray said. “I also talk about crying. Anything that has life to it needs water so when we cry, that’s just the water being released to help us grow.”