BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Every step, every mile, “People can take up to 40,000 or more,” said Vince Santilli, Homes for the Brave CEO.

Bridgeport’s Homes for the Brave has gathered an army of people.

“Here in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and all around the country people are taking steps to assist male and female veterans who are experiencing homelessness. On any given night in America, 40,000 veterans are experiencing homelessness with no place to sleep” Santilli said.

And another 1.4 million are at risk of homelessness due to a lack of affordable housing, financial resources, and support according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

“That’s a staggering figure.” Which is why the Step Out for the Brave challenge is happening right now.

“This is our signature fundraiser every single year.”

In its seventh year, people from Connecticut and beyond are devoting their steps. Homes For the Brave’s work stretches way beyond this fundraiser.

“We have three facilities in Bridgeport including the first and only home exclusively for female veterans here in CT,” Santilli added. “We also have a clinical program where men and women can get Mental health treatment for PTSD and overcoming addiction.”

On top of that, they help veterans gain employment. With the goal of helping vets return to a productive and meaningful life.  A life they fought to give and protect for all of us.

The fundraiser kicked off Saturday. There’s still time to get involved. Click here for more information.